Why Prioritizing Diversity Will Take Precedence In 2021


Diversity has long been a vital issue for many companies, and it is likely to stay a priority in 2021. Here is why:

  • Access to a much wider pool of talents – paradoxically, many economy segments today struggle to find new talent to fill job openings. Many companies have found the solution to their employment problems by widening the groups that they target with their job ads, and even more companies will take the same path shortly;
  • Greater capacity for innovation – extending the IT recruitment process to previously excluded groups enables companies to foster and promote innovation and creativity more efficiently and productively;
  • The growing importance of social responsibility – more and more companies recognize the importance of transforming their recruitment strategies to include underrepresented groups as a way of helping local communities;
  • A shift towards making employees feel valued – leadership in corporations and businesses realize the importance of making individuals feel valued, building employee loyalty, and increasing productivity. This shift in approach is likely to reduce the risk of losing employees when the labor market is faced with lots of challenges.

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