Why so Many People are Changing Careers Amid the Pandemic


Almost a quarter of respondents to a questionnaire said they had to take the first steps towards a new career because the company they used to work for has been strongly affected by the current economic context. They decided to look for work in a safer and more stable industry. Companies that have been severely affected by the pandemic are in fields such as sales, production, tourism, or transport.

Accomplished executive headhunters affirm that although salary remains the primary criterion for many job seekers, safety and job security have become a priority. A whopping 40% of those who responded to the questionnaire said that they focus on careers, but at the same time, about 35% prefer the possibility of having a lot of free time or being able to work remotely.

Most of the respondents say that their professional experience so far allows them to make an easy transition. About 30% say they will learn along the way, 20% have taken or will take online/offline courses, and about 10% will learn independently.

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