Why Storytelling Is Important in Successful IT Recruitment


We all love good stories. That is why stories told in an attention-grabbing style are so important during the recruitment process as well. Here is how:

  • A good story will invite the best candidates to apply – a stale company description of about 20 words will probably not grab too much attention, but a good story told about how your company was founded, what the motivation behind it was, and it will likely inspire more trust and will raise more trust in potential candidates;
  • Your story will make sure candidates will remember your company – if you are recruiting in an environment where you get lots of competition, such as a job fair, you will need to stand out and be remembered. Engaging in storytelling while talking to interested candidates is a great way to break the ice as well as to make a strong positive impression and to make candidates want to work for your company;
  • A good story can be used by your specialized IT recruitment agency as well – a good story is valuable when a recruiter company handles your recruitment process. Your agency can use your stories to make your company more personable and more attractive.

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